how to find an email address

A Surefire Way to Find an Email Address

One of the biggest obstacles freelance writers face is keeping their pitches out of the slush pile. But when you’re sending your query to you’re competing with hundreds of other folks who do the same thing. If you want to find an email address for an editor that she’s sure to check, follow this […]

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Places to Find Content Marketing Clients | Be a Pro Writer

5 Places to Find Content Marketing Clients

I began freelancing with magazines. And that’s a logical choice for new freelance writers. But if you want a regular income, it makes sense to reach out to businesses that use content in their marketing. When the magazines you write for pay on publication, and that could be months before getting a check in the […]

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Where to Find Good Writing Markets

Beginning freelancers frequently put the cart before the horse. Or rather, the idea before the target publication. Do you get an idea and run to write it up only to struggle to find a place to send it? That’s what I’m talking about. Finding good writing markets should be your starting point, not writing the […]

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I got a rejection letter | Be a Pro Writer

I Got a Rejection Letter, Now What?

 You sent your first (or 50th) query letter last week and you’ve been checking your email every hour since. Relax! this could take a while. Editors receive scads of emails every day. (I know, I used to be one.) And, if it’s a really big pub, they probably don’t even have the time to respond […]

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A Mega List of Resources for Writers

  When I started my freelance career, I got most of my information from Writer’s Digest magazine. With no money for a subscription, I borrowed copies from the public library. When the library sold back issues for $2 a bundle, I bought up several years’ worth. I read those things until they were falling apart. […]

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What to do when you lose a writing client | Be a Pro Writer

What To Do When You Lose a Writing Client

    A freelance writer needs a couple gigs she can depend on. That is why I write for and edit blogs. When the back and forth of the query process with magazines slows, my blog gigs cover the bills. Sometimes, you lose a regular gig. Several years ago, the owners of a site I […]

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Where to Sell Reprint Articles

    Some years, selling reprints has made up to a third of my income. When you look at it one story at a time, it hardly sounds worth the effort. But if you have a well-written article on a popular topic, you can easily triple your rate from the initial publication. And considering I […]

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How to Write a Query Letter that Sells | Be a Pro Writer

How to Write a Query Letter that Sells

    Breaking into freelance writing has a few hoops. One of those hoops is how to write a query letter. As an editor, I regularly receive pitches like the following: I know a mover and shaker in the dairy farm industry. How about a story about dairy farming? Because this guy told me he […]

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3 Reasons to Write for Content Mills | Be a Pro Writer

3 Reasons to Write for Content Mills

According to Wikipedia, a content mill: is a company that employs large numbers of freelance writers to generate large amounts of textual content which is specifically designed to satisfy algorithms for maximal retrieval by automated search engines. Why so many writers feel compelled to start their careers writing for content mills, I will never understand. […]

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