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The Idea Fountain: 5 Days to 30 Story Ideas | Be a Pro Writer


As a freelance writer, I am often required to pull ideas out of my head as fast as the magician pulls rabbits out of his hat. That is not often an easy task.

I’m sure you understand, or you wouldn’t be reading this page!

That is why I developed The Idea Fountain. This five-day challenge is to help you develop 30 salable story ideas in five days.

Since 2011, I have written columns for several publications, both print and online, for up to two years straight. I even managed to consistently create content on my homesteading blog for eight years! That is a lot of ideas on the same topic.

During the course of The Idea Fountain, you will receive a daily assignment in your email inbox. Each assignment, except one, should take only a few minutes. After the five days, you will walk away with 30 story ideas to submit to magazines or blogs. (If you do the assignments, that is.)


This method is the same I have used to generate all the ideas I have used in my freelance career.


In addition to the emails, I have developed a secret Facebook group. In that group, I will present live every day to share my homework (Yes, I’m doing the challenge with you.) and take questions.


What would you pay for 30 story ideas?


Some days I would pay a lot, my brain is so dry. But if you join The Idea Fountain, you will be walking away with 30 story ideas for only $9.95. That’s pennies, people, per story! And, considering that a magazine article can pay $500-$1,000 or more, $9.95 is downright negligible.

Still skeptical? Don’t have $9.95 to spare? I get that. I’ve been there. But after years of experience, I’ve learned that my penny-pinching ways actually hurt my bottom line. It always pays to invest in your business. And $9.95 is coffee/Coke/chocolate money, for most folks.


The Idea Fountain challenge will next begin on August 28, 2017.

Are you ready? Simply click the button below to join us.

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