A Mega List of Resources for Writers


When I started my freelance career, I got most of my information from Writer’s Digest magazine. With no money for a subscription, I borrowed copies from the public library. When the library sold back issues for $2 a bundle, I bought up several years’ worth. I read those things until they were falling apart. Then, just this year, I gifted them to another budding freelancer.

Beginners have a lot of questions and often don’t know where to turn. They wonder things like how to charge for their work, where to look for clients, how to write query letters, how to format a blog post, and more. That is why I’ve put together this mega list of resources for writers.


A Mega List of Resources for Writers | Be a Pro Writer


These resources are not just my favorites. I’ve asked some of the best writers I know, whom I’ve met over the last 10 years, for their “go-to” sites for writing. The best of the best have helped me to compile this list. I tried to organize the list by category but some of the sites cross over in categories. Some folks have both blogs and podcasts. Some are known by their name, others by their blogs. Categorizing just seemed like an impossible task. So please, read all the way to the end.

A Mega List of Resources for Writers



A Mega List of Resources for Freelance Writers | Be a Pro Writer

Boy, I wish I could go on. But there are other things to do today. Please, feel free to add your favorite go-to sites for freelance writing in the comments.

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