How to Set Yourself Apart from the Competition | Be a Pro Writer

How to Set Yourself apart from the Competition

  As an executive secretary, a loooong time ago, I learned an invaluable lesson: do everything you can to make your boss successful and you will succeed. As a freelance writer of magazine articles my boss is the editor. So I ask myself, “What does that editor need?” Time. If my editor spends less time […]

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Make Technology Your Friend | Be a Pro Writer

Make Technology Your Friend

  I started my freelance career without an internet connection. And yet when I started getting assignments, and running back and forth to the library to use its internet became a hassle, I embraced learning my way around. I designed and set up my own blog. I taught myself to transfer that blog from Blogger […]

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How to Serve Your Client | Be a Pro Writer

How to Serve Your Client

  Writing is a service profession. When we write content for a magazine, blog or website, we provide a service for our clients. That makes you, and me, servants. Do you have a servant heart? Do you go above and beyond to serve your editor or are you frequently counting the words to make sure […]

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Does a Freelance Writer Need a Website?

  As a freelance writer, I want to be able to find folks to interview. I wrote a story about blogging for hobby farmers. I was excited about this story because I could highlight some of my favorite blogs by interviewing those blog owners as experts. But I had some trouble. Where is your contact […]

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Check the Changes Editors Do to Your Work | Be a Pro Writer

Check the Changes Your Editor Makes

  This is one of my best tips, ya’ll. And I’m giving it to you for FREE! What makes this one of my best tips? If you do what I’m going to share with you here, you will build a great working relationship with your editors so that they want you to write for them. […]

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Do You Know Your Reader? | Be a Pro Writer

Do You Know Your Reader?

One of the main reasons I reject story pitches I receive as editor of a regional lifestyle publication is that the story would not interest our readers. The clue is in the word regional. Our magazine covers a certain region of the country. I regularly receive pitches for articles about places to go and people […]

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How to Write a Query Letter that Sells | Be a Pro Writer

How to Write a Query Letter that Sells

    Breaking into freelance writing has a few hoops. One of those hoops is how to write a query letter. As an editor, I regularly receive pitches like the following: I know a mover and shaker in the dairy farm industry. How about a story about dairy farming? Because this guy told me he […]

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How to Make an Editor Happy | Be a Pro Writer

How to Make Your Editor Happy

  Many freelancers would pay money to be told How to Give an Editor What He Wants. But you don’t have to because I’m going to give it to you for free. Why would I do that? I love teaching other folks what I’ve already learned. If you stop and think about it, it’s a […]

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Batch Writing | Be a Pro Writer

Batch Writing

I write different kinds of things for various clients. I write magazine articles. Some short, some long features. I write blog posts, my own and for other blogs. And I write emails. I also edit and proofread–magazine copy, websites and blog posts. In addition to writing and editing, I have email to answer–from several accounts. […]

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3 Tips to Make Your Stories Come Alive | Be a Pro Writer

Are Your Stories Alive?

  Are your stories alive? Or are they boring narratives that no one wants to read? Here is an example: BORING The head chef said that the best way to get paper-thin slices of tomato is to use a sharp knife or a mandoline. ALIVE “Your knife must be sharp,” said the head chef as […]

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