How to Serve Your Client


How to Serve Your Client | Be a Pro Writer

Writing is a service profession. When we write content for a magazine, blog or website, we provide a service for our clients.

That makes you, and me, servants.

Do you have a servant heart? Do you go above and beyond to serve your editor or are you frequently counting the words to make sure you don’t offer him more than you are getting paid for?


How to Serve Your Client

When I send a query to a publication, I always include an idea for an optional sidebar–or two.

When I write my article, I suggest sub-heads and quote-outs. And I work hard to formulate a compelling title and a great hook. If your editors frequently re-write your headlines or leads, figure out why and change how you do it.

In fact, anything that you can do to save your editor work and time is going above and beyond.


From the editor’s perspective:

I received a query from a writer whose work I had published several times. His pitch sounded like a list article and we do not publish list articles. I responded with an idea of how to turn his article into a story and to put the list in a sidebar.

His response–“Will I get paid extra for that sidebar?”


If it’s that big a deal, take your 1,200 word limit and write a 1,000 word story with a 200-word sidebar. But don’t appear to your editor that you’re too money hungry to do the job right–meaning, provide good service.

What do you think? What are some other ways that you go above and beyond for your editors?

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