Project Management Checklists for Freelance Writers

For what to do at each stage of the writing game Have you ever gotten a check in the mail and then realized you never sent an invoice for that story? What about get halfway through the writing and realize you forgot to reach out to a subject matter expert the editor asked you to […]

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How to Type Faster | Be a Pro Writer

How to Type Everything Faster Using TextExpander

Do you wish you could type faster? Of course, you do. You’re a writer whose brain goes a mile a minute. If only your fingers would go a mile a minute, right? Now, they can. I am going to show you how to type faster using the TextExpander app. But first, a little backstory. For […]

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Work at Home with Kids | Be a Pro Writer

Work at Home with Kids During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Freelance writers everywhere are scrambling to reconfigure their days. With schools shutting all over the country, we’re trying to work at home with kids during the coronavirus lockdown. If you’ve found your life turned upside down by this pandemic, trying to meet deadlines with Johnny parked in front of his 14th episode of Spongebob, this […]

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productivity secrets to supercharge your day | be a pro writer

3 Productivity Secrets to Supercharge Your Day

Many writers struggle with productivity. No wonder. Distractions come at us from every angle, every hour of the day. If you’re searching for productivity secrets to supercharge your day, I understand. At home, children or pets vie for your attention. If you work online, Facebook disguises itself as a chocolate bar–tempting, tempting, tempting. Business coaches […]

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Proofreading Tips | Be A Pro Writer

6 Proofreading Tips from Professional Proofreaders

You slave away on your content, whether for yourself or a client, only to find an error after it’s published. Or, you see a typo in a query letter after you hit send. Then you spend the rest of the day praying the editor doesn’t notice. Sound familiar? Not anymore. With these top proofreading tips […]

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How to Get More Writing Done | Be a Pro Writer

6 Practical Ways to Get More Writing Done

New freelance writers often think of veteran writers as superheroes. I know I did. I would spend months writing a magazine feature and look at those actually making a living writing and wonder how I, too, could get more writing done. Whether you think you’re slow, distracted, or just disorganized, there are a lot of […]

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How to Write with Kids at Home | Be a Pro Writer

How to Easily Write with Kids at Home

  Sitting at the kitchen table with my laptop, I finally hit “print” for the article I’d been struggling with for days. But nothing happened. Then the message appeared: “The printer is out of paper.” “Not again,” I mumbled as I hoofed it to the next room, tripping over my six-year-old sprawled on the floor […]

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Digital Tools for Writers | Be a Pro Writer

4 Digital Tools for Writers to Keep You On Track

I’m a paper and pencil gal. No two ways about it, I love my paper planner, colored file folders, and 4-color pen. I even have a collection of Flair markers that I use for color-coding or just…coloring. But, when it comes to staying organized in my business, I use what works best–paper or not. As […]

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article writing

4 Steps to an Organized Article Writing Process

Writing a magazine article isn’t rocket science. But, let’s face it, some folks got it and some don’t, right? Not because it’s hard or a special gift or anything. But because they just need an organized approach. If you’re struggling to get article assignments, or more importantly repeat assignments, from your favorite publications, follow these […]

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How to Write a Regular Column

How to Write a Regular Column: Step-by-Step

Just imagine: It’s 11 pm and your column is due by 6 am the following morning. You have no earthly idea what to write about so you stare at that white screen. You find yourself nodding off, wishing you could just go to bed! This is very real, folks. Idea generation is crucial for writing […]

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