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Writing Courses with Carol J. Alexander

I spent years breaking into print publications. In fact, I was so green I once accused an editor of letting his dog eat my emails. That might be a funny story now but at the time, when he told me I could take my story ideas and send them to someone else, I was crushed.

You don’t have years, I know! You have bills to pay, an empty refrigerator, and your kid just busted the knee out of his last pair of jeans. You need a paycheck.

While writing for magazines is NOT a get-rich-quick endeavor, if you hang with me I can show you how to polish that query letter so that it gets accepted, how to generate ideas that sell, and even how to make up with the editor you’ve insulted. (Yes, I did and he quickly became my go-to editor for assignments!)

What I have for you

I am putting together a few courses and challenges to help you break into magazine writing. Start with The Idea Fountain: Five Days to 30 Salable Article Ideas. There, I walk you through the process I use to generate ideas to pitch to editors.

Once you have a few ideas, read How to Write a Query Letter that Sells and download the FREE 8-page tip sheet to writing query letters. I’m working on developing a 5-day challenge for query letter writing. Until I have it done, I’m offering a FREE query letter review.

If you’re wondering why I’m qualified to lead you in your freelance writing journey? Click on the Start Here tab at the top, or visit my writer website by clicking the Hire Me tab.