How to Find Files without Cleaning off Your Desk

How to Find Files w/o Cleaning Off Your Desk | Be a Pro Writer

If you are a creative person, your desk is a mess. That’s a given. I’m not about to tell you how to keep it organized, because that would mess with the right side of your brain and kill the flow of those creative juices.

But what I will tell you is how to find folders on your desk. If all you use are manilla file folders, stop it. Today.

Who ever found a manilla file folder in a pile of papers and other manilla file folders in less than a minute? No one, that’s who.

So, go wild and buy colored file folders. Better yet, buy ones with designs on them.

I buy glossy pocket folders with pictures or designs on them for important files.

For instance, my “outstanding invoices” file is a bright green folder. It is the only bright green folder I have in use, so it is easy to spot in a pile on my desk.

The folder I keep my records for regional parenting publications looks like a tie-dyed T-shirt. You can bet that is easily found.

Another folder has blue paisleys on it. Another is pink with a peace sign of flowers. And yet another has a big boom box on the front. (Remember boom boxes? Good, I’m not the only one that old.)

You can buy these folders at the big box store with super heroes, cats and dogs, horses, cars, sports teams, practically anything you can imagine. Sure, they cost a buck apiece, but they stand out.

So, that’s one of my best organizational tips. What’s your best organizational tip? I’d love to hear it.

How to Find Files w/o Cleaning Off Your Desk | Be a Pro Writer

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