Have You Met Trello?

Have you met Trello?

O.M.G. I LOVE Trello.

Trello is my new organizational tool. It is the only digital organizational tool I have stuck with using.

You see, I’m really a paper and pencil kinda gal and the digital things like Evernote are great at first. Then, I just can’t see enough. I can’t touch enough. And I ditch them like a bad date.

But, Trello. Oh, someone heard my sighing.

Trello is like using sticky notes on a bulletin board except they don’t fall off when someone walks past your desk. And I can set up an entire project in one screen. Boy, do I wish I knew Trello when I was writing my book! Now, I use it to layout the magazine I edit and a blog I manage.

I can color code with Trello. I can upload files. I can share my boards with other people so that we can work together on a project.

Please, check out Trello. And tell them Carol sent you.

Have You Met Trello

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