Where to Find Story Ideas


If you have been a freelance writer for any length of time, you know that your power lies in your ability to generate ideas. When you have no ideas to pitch to editors, you have no stories to write and, therefore, no money coming in.

In the last ten years, I have found story ideas in many places. But the most prolific place for ideas has been my own life. I once had a large note taped to the wall next to my desk. It read:


Where to Find Story Ideas | Be a Pro Writer


Following that advice, I’ve published stories on:

  • How to use a wringer washer (because I was using one to save water during a drought!)
  • How to can peaches
  • What I’ve learned mothering boys
  • Treating seasonal allergies naturally
  • Grinding your own wheat to make your bread
  • Getting rid of squash bugs in the garden
  • And so much more!

Where to Find Story Ideas

Oh, sure, I’ve gleaned story ideas from my reading, too. For instance, I had the story Country Kitchens Require Kitchen Tools published in Grit magazine. That title could be applied to other areas of your home. For instance, Five Must-have Tools for the Woodworker, Five Essential Tools for the Dairy Barn, or Six Things the New Mom Doesn’t Need (how’s that for a twist?).

If you write for local publications, you can find story ideas in the newspaper. Let’s say the paper covers a new art studio that opened in town. You could interview the artist for your regional lifestyle publication.

Try the Chamber of Commerce. Who are you meeting at those networking events? A coffee roaster? Shoot, I’ve written at least five stories that stemmed from one chance encounter with a coffee roaster. I mean, you are talking to these folks, right? Because it won’t do to stand in the corner nursing your drink. A writer has to talk to people to get ideas.

In fact, a writer needs a fountain of ideas to stay in business. Idea drought is not an option when you have to make a living at this thing. That is why I’m launching “The Idea Fountain: 5 Days to 30 Story Ideas” next week.

During the course of The Idea Fountain, you will receive a daily assignment in your email inbox. After the five days, you will walk away with 30 story ideas to submit to editors. This method is the same I have used to generate all the ideas I have used in my freelance career.


What would you pay for 30 story ideas?


Some days I would pay a million bucks, my brain is so dry! But if you join The Idea Fountain today, you will be walking away with 30 story ideas for only FREE!

Until further notice, you can receive all the assignments, to do on your own, at your own pace, in your PJ’s if you want, in your email inbox.

So, what have you got to lose? A few minutes a day. But what have you got to gain?

30 Story Ideas!


Join me today by clicking the button below.

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