A Mega List of Resources for Writers

  When I started my freelance career, I got most of my information from Writer’s Digest magazine. With no money for a subscription, I borrowed copies from the public library. When the library sold back issues for $2 a bundle, I bought up several years’ worth. I read those things until they were falling apart. […]

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How to Earn More Money with Your Writing | Be a Pro Writer

How to Earn More Money with Your Writing

  I’m super excited to be presenting again in January at the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference. The topic for my 2018 workshop is How to Earn More Money with Your Writing. I pitched this topic to the conference coordinator because, at this particular conference, most of the writers seem to be novelists wanting to leave their […]

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Does a Freelance Writer Need a Website?

  As a freelance writer, I want to be able to find folks to interview. I wrote a story about blogging for hobby farmers. I was excited about this story because I could highlight some of my favorite blogs by interviewing those blog owners as experts. But I had some trouble. Where is your contact […]

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