How to Define a Publication's Audience | Be a Pro Writer

How to Define Your Reader when Writing for Magazines

  You have an idea for a story. You think you know of a publication to send it to. So, what’s the next step? Next, you need to define your reader. Defining the reader of a particular publication is essential in getting an editor to respond to your pitch. Some aspects of knowing your reader […]

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How to Approach Experts for Interviews | Be a Pro Writer

How to Approach Experts for an Interview

I saw a question in a Facebook group today that I thought you might have, as well. It went something like this: When you research a story that requires interviewing sources, how do you introduce yourself? … Do you just say you’re freelancer writing about a particular topic? Thanks! This is a great question! And, […]

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Show Your Clients You Care | Be a Pro Writer

Show Your Clients You Care

  Early in my freelance career I started sending Christmas cards to my most regular clients to thank them for working with me. Then I wondered if, in the hub of all the holiday mail, they even saw them. I envisioned some editorial assistant opening my card, putting it in a stack of a hundred […]

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How to Set Yourself Apart from the Competition | Be a Pro Writer

How to Set Yourself apart from the Competition

  As an executive secretary, a loooong time ago, I learned an invaluable lesson: do everything you can to make your boss successful and you will succeed. As a freelance writer of magazine articles my boss is the editor. So I ask myself, “What does that editor need?” Time. If my editor spends less time […]

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How to Serve Your Client | Be a Pro Writer

How to Serve Your Client

  Writing is a service profession. When we write content for a magazine, blog or website, we provide a service for our clients. That makes you, and me, servants. Do you have a servant heart? Do you go above and beyond to serve your editor or are you frequently counting the words to make sure […]

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How to Make an Editor Happy | Be a Pro Writer

How to Make Your Editor Happy

  Many freelancers would pay money to be told How to Give an Editor What He Wants. But you don’t have to because I’m going to give it to you for free. Why would I do that? I love teaching other folks what I’ve already learned. If you stop and think about it, it’s a […]

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Thoughts on Deadlines | Be a Pro Writer

Thoughts on Deadlines

I can approach deadlines from two perspectives–the freelancer and the editor. From the freelancer perspective, I need deadlines. I once had an editor that told me to send the story when I had it and she would work it in. Really? To this day, I don’t understand how she managed her editorial content. But, the […]

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