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I write different kinds of things for various clients.

I write magazine articles. Some short, some long features. I write blog posts, my own and for other blogs. And I write emails.

I also edit and proofread–magazine copy, websites and blog posts.

In addition to writing and editing, I have email to answer–from several accounts. I have invoicing, research, phone calls, and a myriad other job duties.

How do I get it all done? In batches.

Once your brain gets into a gear, it’s easier to just coast in that gear than it is to switch gears, mentally. (Picture coasting in 5th on the highway versus constantly shifting between 2nd and 3rd in city traffic.) In other words, your productivity is higher if you do a batch of blog posts (for the same client) in one sitting.

For my homesteading blog, I write a month’s worth of posts in one day, while my brain is thinking on homesteading topics (coasting in 5th), rather than write one homesteading post (clutch, shift), then one writing post for this blog (clutch, shift), then one fermenting post for yet another blog I write for.

Likewise, when it’s time to make phone calls, I make all the calls I have to make before going on to the next thing. I spend an afternoon sending invoices rather than sending them one at a time, randomly.

You get the idea.

Another picture is the difference of walking a straight line and walking in a serpentine pattern–much like a drunk. The guy walking in a straight line will get where he is going faster. The drunk will stumble and fall.

How do you get your work done?

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