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4 Digital Tools for Writers to Keep You On Track

I’m a paper and pencil gal. No two ways about it, I love my paper planner, colored file folders, and 4-color pen. I even have a collection of Flair markers that I use for color-coding or just…coloring. But, when it comes to staying organized in my business, I use what works best–paper or not. As […]

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Create a Story Hook | Be a Pro Writer

3 Amazing Ways to Create a Story Hook for Your Articles

Have you ever started reading a story in the newspaper or a magazine and turned the page after the first paragraph? I have. But wait a minute. Why did you do that? After all, the headline captured your attention, right? Yes, but unfortunately, the writer failed to create a story hook to keep you reading. […]

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Where to Find Good Writing Markets

Beginning freelancers frequently put the cart before the horse. Or rather, the idea before the target publication. Do you get an idea and run to write it up only to struggle to find a place to send it? That’s what I’m talking about. Finding good writing markets should be your starting point, not writing the […]

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How to Define a Publication's Audience | Be a Pro Writer

How to Define Your Reader when Writing for Magazines

  You have an idea for a story. You think you know of a publication to send it to. So, what’s the next step? Next, you need to define your reader. Defining the reader of a particular publication is essential in getting an editor to respond to your pitch. Some aspects of knowing your reader […]

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Need Story Ideas? | Be a Pro Writer

Need Story Ideas? 2 Quick Ways to Reslant 1 Idea into Many

Have you ever picked up a magazine, noted the cover story, and asked, “Why didn’t I think of that?” That happened to me once on the walk back from my mailbox. Seriously, my husband is a mattress professional so we get Sleep Savvy magazine each month. I read it regularly and have yet to pitch […]

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I got a rejection letter | Be a Pro Writer

I Got a Rejection Letter, Now What?

 You sent your first (or 50th) query letter last week and you’ve been checking your email every hour since. Relax! this could take a while. Editors receive scads of emails every day. (I know, I used to be one.) And, if it’s a really big pub, they probably don’t even have the time to respond […]

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article writing

4 Steps to an Organized Article Writing Process

Writing a magazine article isn’t rocket science. But, let’s face it, some folks got it and some don’t, right? Not because it’s hard or a special gift or anything. But because they just need an organized approach. If you’re struggling to get article assignments, or more importantly repeat assignments, from your favorite publications, follow these […]

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How to Write a Regular Column

How to Write a Regular Column: Step-by-Step

Just imagine: It’s 11 pm and your column is due by 6 am the following morning. You have no earthly idea what to write about so you stare at that white screen. You find yourself nodding off, wishing you could just go to bed! This is very real, folks. Idea generation is crucial for writing […]

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How to Approach Experts for Interviews | Be a Pro Writer

How to Approach Experts for an Interview

I saw a question in a Facebook group today that I thought you might have, as well. It went something like this: When you research a story that requires interviewing sources, how do you introduce yourself? … Do you just say you’re freelancer writing about a particular topic? Thanks! This is a great question! And, […]

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How Do I Become a Freelance Writer | Be a Pro

How Do I Become a Freelance Writer?

  If you’ve always dreamed of seeing your name in lights, or at least a byline in a magazine, but have no idea where to begin, this post is for you. Some folks just start writing stories and sending them to editors, hoping for a bite. But that is putting the cart before the horse. […]

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